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First Review of Beyond Sundays – Lifestream – Christian Article

Mike Edwards who blogs at What God May Really Be Like, just posted a review of my new book as a blog comment on my previous post.  I thought those who might miss it there would be interested. Book Review:  Beyond Sundays by Mike Edwards Wayne Jacobsen’s book He Loves Me was a gamechanger in confirming what I thought God was really like versus organized religion’s version. Beyond Sundays can be a similar book for many who sense something isn’t…

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Look What Arrived Today! – Lifestream – Christian Article

They’re here and we’ll begin shipping tomorrow. Beyond Sundays arrived from the printer’s today and it’s always a fun day to open the boxes and look at stacks and stacks of books that I’ve been working on for two years.  However, our day took an unforeseeable turn. We are caring for my daughter’s three children since she is in Mexico at a business conference with her husband. Sara dropped two of the kids off at school and wasn’t five minutes away…

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Early Reviews for Beyond Sundays – Lifestream – Christian Article

As I prepare to leave for Phoenix this weekend, I also found out a podcast aired today that I appeared on for Reports from the Spiritual Frontier.  Love that name, by the way. It’s an extensive interview on my journey and the passion behind Beyond Sundays. I’ve been deeply touched by the conversations I’ve had with many about this new book, and the comments others have been making about the book and how it is touching their hearts.  I am…

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What Others Are Saying about BEYOND SUNDAYS – Lifestream – Christian Article

I love the emails and comments I’ve been receiving about Beyond Sundays. I’m so grateful for those of you who have ordered it, and also for those who are recommending it to friends and family or posting reviews online.  All that really helps this book find the people it will help most. And the conversations I’m having with people about it assures me that it is doing what I hoped it would do, open up the conversation between all of…

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