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The Time Has Come: Logos 8 Launch Discounts End Today – Christian Article

Tonight at midnight the Logos 8 sale disappears—and with it your chance to save 10–25% or more on Logos 8. Sign in and shop to see your unique discount. Between the launch celebration discount (10–25%), Dynamic Pricing, and the savings built into all Logos packages, your savings could be huge. Here are three quick-and-dirty reasons to get Logos 8 before this sale ends: 1. You can return it if you don’t like it Maybe a weird reason to lead with,…

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All Your Discount Options on Logos 8, Clearly Explained – Christian Article

It’s official: the Logos 8 launch discounts are ending February 7. Log in to see your savings. (And if you don’t know what all hullaballoo is about with Logos 8, watch this video.) You could save up to 40% on Logos 8 if you buy before February 7, so here’s the lowdown on all your ways to save. To save yourself time, simply log in to see your savings. Then you can ignore this post. Your discounts are automatically calculated…

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