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What *Greek* Version of the New Testament Do I Use? – The Bart Ehrman Blog – Christian Article

  I often indicate that when citing the New Testament in English, I’m giving my own translation, and that understandably has led some people to think I’ve actually citing a completed translation that I’ve made but not published.  A reader of the blog recently asked me how he could get access to the translation.  But I’ve never written a translation of the NT; when I say that a quotation is in “my” translation I simply mean that I’m reading the…

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Fundamentalist Arguments Ad Absurdum about the “Original” Text of the NT – The Bart Ehrman Blog – Christian Article

I’ve been looking for a scrappy question to tangle with, and today I received one!   QUESTION: You make the case that we do not have the original New Testament manuscripts.  In fact, we do not have any complete manuscripts of books that eventually became part of the New Testament until the 3rd century, correct?  The response often given by fundamentalist Christians is this:  So, you don’t believe that Socrates died by drinking hemlock?  You don’t believe that Julius Caesar…

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