People in Your Church — Not Just the Staff — Have Gifts

This concerns a topic that is recurring around our supper table. It was many years in the making, and something that both of us had been thinking and talking about for a long, long time before she wrote it all out. Not the first time presenting it here, but I believe it’s still relevant, if not more so than when all this happened. • • • by Ruth Wilkinson A number of years ago, a terrible thing happened. Our local…

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Preachers and Evangelists: Then and Now

Increasingly, Twitter is becoming a long-form medium. It’s not just the 140 vs. 280 character thing, but with the use of threads, writers can present rather extensive essays. Every once in awhile I find threads which I think are worthy of being preserved somewhere more permanent. The writer may have envisioned something temporary — a kind of Snapchat prose — but the words deserve greater attention. So as we’ve done before — Skye Jethani, Mark Clark, Sheila Wray Gregoire, etc.…

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Don’t Mess with the Apostles: What I Noticed When I Read 2 Corinthians – Christian Article

The apostle Paul’s follow-up letter to the church in Corinth starts off very meek and mild. However, in the second half of the letter, his tone changes and he deal directly with the primary problem in Corinth. The primary problem in Corinth is that there are people undermining Paul’s authority and credibility. Second Corinthians is such a relevant book for Christians today because there are still many who undermine Paul’s authority and credibility. What Paul’s Critics Were Saying It seems…

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