Apostle Paul

Saul’s Name Didn’t Change at Damascus, His Eschatology Did – Christian Article

Despite popular belief, Saul did not become Paul on the road to Damascus. Those are simply two versions of the same name: Saul the Hebrew version, Paul the Roman. However, what did change when Christ appeared to Paul—and it’s perhaps the most overlooked part of the story—was Paul’s eschatology. In Paul’s encounter with Christ, he saw the end breaking into the present. In fact, Matthew Aernie and Donald Hartley, authors of The Righteous & Merciful Judge, suggest that for Paul,…

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Preachers and Evangelists: Then and Now

Increasingly, Twitter is becoming a long-form medium. It’s not just the 140 vs. 280 character thing, but with the use of threads, writers can present rather extensive essays. Every once in awhile I find threads which I think are worthy of being preserved somewhere more permanent. The writer may have envisioned something temporary — a kind of Snapchat prose — but the words deserve greater attention. So as we’ve done before — Skye Jethani, Mark Clark, Sheila Wray Gregoire, etc.…

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