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Forged in the Fire: A Pastor’s Lament – Christian Article

With the end of the Civil War in 1865, the black church and its worship gained a more public face, even in the South. Black groups within white churches could separate and begin self-determining congregations. Accepting a call to become the pastor of Mt. Helm Baptist Church in 1895 was what originally brought C.P. Jones to Jackson, MS.1 Mt. Helm was a split off of Jackson’s First Baptist Church, a white congregation with a black group meeting in the basement.…

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Theological Development among African-American Slaves (Video) – Christian Article

This month we’re celebrating Black History Month on the blog, and we’ll be featuring writings and teachings from African-American Christians past and present. In this lecture from History and Theology of the African American Church, Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. describes theological development among African-American slaves. Highlights: Withholding of Christianity from African-American slaves (0:05) Elements of African-American theological development (1:19) How African-American suffering in the South contributed to a theology of suffering (3:35)  *Note that because this is one lecture in…

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