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How Church Plants Can Ensure Healthy Accountability – Christian Article

Devastating recent news of abuse has shown that wickedness can seep into any movement, whether the most developed hierarchy or movements characterized by autonomy. There is no silver bullet. Polity alone is no protection against evil and sin. Too often those who have committed abuse move to new churches and ministries with little personal consequence. While some church plants belong to denominations with clear accountability structures for churches, pastors, and other leaders, plants from free church or baptistic traditions that…

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Why Church Planters Must Be Able to Teach – Christian Article

The call to pastor involves the work of teaching the Bible. One cannot miss this recurring emphasis in the pastoral epistles (e.g., 1 Tim. 3:1–2). Not all Christians will be gifted in this area, but pastors must be. The same, therefore, has to be true of church planters. Anyone who aspires to plant a church must be able to teach the Word of God. To help us think about teaching Scripture in the local church, I’m excited to have my friend…

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My Pain Prepared Me to Plant a Church – Christian Article

I didn’t grow up immersed in the American dream. A house in a safe suburb, 2.5 kids, a dog—none of that. It wasn’t my life. I come from a single-parent home in a neighborhood that grew rougher with each passing year. I’m a product of New York City public schools, where some teachers cared but others told you they were just there for a check. I had outdated textbooks and school-provided lunches where they told me pizza is a vegetable (tomato…

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The Gospel Does Not ‘Float Downstream’ from Big Cities – Christian Article

Small towns and rural areas across the world need churches; they won’t be reached with the gospel by default. And many such places in the United States are growing increasingly secular—churches are dying faster than new ones are being planted. While it’s right to highlight the need to plant churches in large, growing urban centers, we would be mistaken to assume that the gospel will automatically “float downstream” from big cities. If we don’t intentionally give ourselves to seeing churches planted…

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