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A La Carte (January 17) – Christian Article

I’m at the G3 conference in Atlanta for the next couple of days and look forward to meeting many of you here! Today’s Kindle deals include a trio of commentaries written for pastors or general readers. (Yesterday on the blog: Jesus Wins) The Everlasting Impact of Faithful Shepherding Faithful shepherding can make all the difference in a life. “As I hung up, two questions overwhelmed me: First, what would have happened to Joan if no one had called? And second, had…

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A La Carte (January 15) – Christian Article

Here’s a reminder that if you prefer to listen than read, I’ve got a near-daily podcast where you’ll find many of my articles in audio format. You can find it here, subscribe to the feed here, or subscribe via iTunes. (Yesterday on the blog: Where Did All This Pentecostalism Come From?) In China They’re Closing Churches, Jailing Pastors–And Even Rewriting Scripture The Guardian covers the increasingly difficult situation for Christians in China. “Researchers say the current drive, fuelled by government unease over…

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A La Carte (January 11) – Christian Article

There are some pretty Kindle deals for you to consider today. Some of them are newer while some of them are classics. (Yesterday on the blog: Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging (or Why You Should Consider Starting)) When Discontent Sheep Show Up Every pastor needs to consider what to do when discontent sheep show up. “When pastors are not careful to ask the right questions, to challenge gossip or uncharitable comments, or to insist on attempts at reconciliation, there is a subtle…

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Weekend A La Carte (January 12) – Christian Article

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good variety of books crossing a few different categories. (Yesterday on the blog: Does God Want Me to Obey Him Out Of Duty or Joy?) What’s Good in World Missions? I think we can sometimes feel guilty or disappointed when it comes to world missions, but here are a couple of things that are going very well. Like this: more people are becoming Christians than at any other time in history. The Sorrow of Comparing Suffering…

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A La Carte (January 10) – Christian Article

There are, once again, a few Kindle deals to take a look at today.  Meanwhile, Westminster Books has discounted 2018’s bestsellers. (Yesterday on the blog: January New and Notable Books) Grown Men Are the Solution, Not the Problem David French is one of many who has responded to some concerning new guidelines from the American Psychological Association. Also, read Joe Carter for a summary of the issue. Don’t Be Afraid To Repeat Yourself This is a worthwhile read for pastors and teachers. “We assume far…

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A La Carte (January 8) – Christian Article

I’m overseas today and don’t have access to all my usual accounts. That left me unable to track down any exciting new Kindle deals. We will try again tomorrow. (Yesterday on the blog: What Amy Carmichael Hung on Her Wall) My Daughter Asked Me to Stop Writing About Motherhood. Here’s Why I Can’t Do That “Years ago, when I began publishing essays and submitting family pictures to editors, I considered the day my children would confront me about what I’d written. At…

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