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1449 | Richard Bauckham on the Reliability of John’s Witness – White Horse Inn – Christian Article

PROGRAM AUDIO & RESOURCES Scholars frequently claim that John is the latest and most idealized of all the Gospels. Its picture of Jesus, they say, represents the beliefs of late first century Christians, rather than actual historical events. But is this view consistent with the evidence? What if it could be demonstrated that the author of this text was actually a careful and reliable eyewitness? On this program, we’ll discuss these issues and more with Richard Bauckham, author of Jesus…

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1448 | Eyewitness Testimony in the Gospel of John – White Horse Inn – Christian Article

PROGRAM AUDIO & RESOURCES If you pay close attention to the details of the fourth Gospel, you’ll notice that words such as testimony, witness, judgment, and truth appear quite frequently throughout this text. And this has led various scholars to conclude that the basic underlying structure of this Gospel is actually that of trial narrative. Though Jesus was rejected by his own people and sentenced to death, the goal of John’s Gospel is to set the record straight by presenting…

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